Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Glorious Mailbox on a Rainy Day

Glorious Mailbox on a Rainy Day
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You can wait and wait for the October sun to shine so you can enjoy a picture-taking expedition. But eventually you have to go take your photos anyway, because if you wait for conditions to be perfect, the autumn will pass and the color will disappear and the leaves will all lie rotting on the ground.
So Sunday I spent a little time in my car in the country in the rain. With my camera.

Two years ago I was on my way to school on a foggy morning, driving down this road when I saw this same mailbox glorified. There were beams of sunlight coming through the fog and lighting it up as if it was visited by an angelic mailman.
Here is that photo: Glorious Mailbox

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Lynn said...

Great picture, and what a spectacular way to receive a message from above!