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How to Work in the Garden

When I go out to work in the garden, I put on a T-shirt and capris and flip-flops, slip cell phone in pocket and head out the door. Stop. It’s too hot for capris. Go back in and put on shorts. Head out the door. Stop. If I’m gonna be getting some sun, it would be better to be wearing a tank top so I don’t get a farmer’s tan. Go back in and put on a tank top. Go out the door. Stop. Go back in and get a hat to shade face and put on some sunscreen. Head out the door. Stop. The shorts have pockets that are too shallow to keep cell phone from falling out. Go back into bedroom and find a pair of shorts that have deeper pockets and put them on. Head out the door. Stop. Can’t use the shovel when wearing flip-flops because I need shoes with a harder sole. Go back in and put on Keens. No wonder I don’t work in the garden more often.

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