Sunday, April 24, 2005

So You Just Edit Reports and Look out the Window

Late April snowstorms just suck.
I saved the only two of my tulips that were ready to bloom and I am enjoying them from inside the house as the snow blows (and I do mean blows) around outside on this day, April (yeah, right) 24th, year of our Lord, 2005.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Garter Snake Pose

Garter Snake Pose
Originally uploaded by CaptPiper.
I went for a walk in the woods yesterday. Spring arrived two weeks ago wih none of the tenative teetering, peeking in and out that it normally does - it just walked in the door and stayed. I have been enjoying watching the plants grow like mad - early spring wild flowers are already appearing in the woods, and the grass is turning green almost overnight. My only concern is that the fruit tree buds and blossoms, the flowers of all sorts - like my lilacs - will come blithely forward and then get severely bitten by frost and die. Last year I had no lilacs on my blue Lincoln because about a week before they would have bloomed, a frost killed them. The other lilacs seemed to survive. This year the Lincoln blue is LOADED with lilac babies - more than I have ever seen! I am going to have to listen to the weather report, and if I hear about a hard frost, give my baby a sheet for the night.
It would also be bad for the fruit crop - a freeze taking out all the blossoms. That is a real possibility this year.
Early springs are nice, but they have their drawbacks.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


First of all, I just don't feel like writing lately. Too much other stuff to do - no feeling that a leisurely weaving of words would be a pleasant pasttime. Secondly, the "hello" program is not working correctly, so uploading my photography is a hassle. Nothing seems to work. I click on the picture above to insert a photo and nothing happens.
Gotta go to bed.
I'll figure it all out another day.