Friday, December 18, 2015

It was 1978, I think. In the summer I was a counselor in a camp in Canada - Camp Pioneer on Lake Clearwater. Counselors got one day off every two weeks, and on this day one of the counsellors from the guy's side of the lake had asked me if I wanted to go see that new StarWars movie with him. So there we were in this grand old theater in Port Mary, a huge, wide screen in front of me. We had our choice of seats, because the movie had been out for a while, and most nerds had already seen it.
The curtain in front of the screen opened and the now iconic wording rolled away into the vastness of space. Then the tip of a triangle-shaped spaceship appeared overhead. It grew and grew and kept growing as it gradually took over the screen, giving you the sense of how enormous it was and also the feeling of power and its inexorable advance. Then I was taken to another world....

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Babysitting a Toddler

Being a grandmother - It's a lot of work, but it's a chance to have little children in the family again, and that's worth anything.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Anything worth having

That which is worth having in this life requires no less than blood, sweat, and mosquito bites. 
This is what I muse about while picking blackberries amid sharp thorns and swarming mosquitoes. 

Blackberries might be my favorite fruit. There is nothing better on ice cream. Nothing. But trying to obtain them is a challenge. So after helping my husband build our long-anticipated chicken coop, I hoed the garden, then covered myself with a second coat of OFF with deet and braved the edge of the woods. 

First of all, and worst, are the mosquitoes. I believe the exchange rate is one bite per two berries. They literally swarm you, trying to find any little patch that is not protected by toxic chemicals that we willingly spray on our skin because anything is better than not being unable to sleep because of itching mosquito bites. They will bite through your shirt if it is not sprayed. The only spot on me that was without OFF was the tip of my nose, so one mosquito made that her target. I sprayed more OFF (I took the can out there with me) on a paper towel and applied it to my nose tip. So then, realizing that this might be her one and only chance to propagate, she went for my eyeballs. Not kidding. 

After you pick all the ones you can easily reach, there are still those that require a pound or so of flesh to pick because they are in the back. Perhaps blackberries also require blood, because - think about it: First they put their seeds in delicious little fruits, so animals will eat them and spread the seeds around. Then they grow deadly sharp thorns like barbed wire around the treasure, and for what reason? Obviously, blood is somehow needed. 

Finally, blackberries ripen in July, hottest month of the year. Wearing long pants and sleeves might be helpful if it weren't for the fact that it's 86 F. 

So there you have it. Picking blackberries is miserable, and yet I still do it. The taste is amazing. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sixteen years ago our 8-year-old son began a campaign that started with the words, "Can I have a dog?" That spring all my reasons why having a dog would not be a good idea fell by the wayside. Why? Because of my love of photography and William Wegman, that's why. We purchased a Weimaraner puppy and named her Lucy.
Nine years later Sam moved out and left us with the dog.
Lucy has been a good companion and a naughty doggy.
She mothered an abandoned 3-week-old kitten we took in in 2009.
She loved swimming in the river and hunting muskrats.
She used her claws to leaved deep scratches in the wood frames of the doors.
She would suddenly break out into a deep, heart-stopping bark if something was outside the house, or even more commonly, when nothing was outside the house.
She made the chair next to my computer her place. She kept me from sitting for too long by barking to go outside, and a few minutes later, barking to come back in again.
She ate half a pizza carelessly left on the kitchen counter.
She played fetch with frisbees and sticks.
And she gradually got older and older.
Yesterday she died.
And the dog that I did not want left a hole in my heart.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

After a long break....

Not that I am a regular writer, but since no longer has an easy link to my blog, it doesn't occur to me to add to my collection.
HOWEVER, some very important developments have taken place since the fall of 2013.
I am now a grandmother.  My daughter gave birth to a baby boy in July.  Pretty significant, I'd say.
I long for the day they move back to Michigan and I can see and hold my baby boy more often. But they are 18 hours away.