Sunday, September 06, 2009

The West Side of the River

I am tired of being make to feel guilty.

My doctor makes me feel guilty about my weight. So does my health insurance premium. I went of a diet in June and hated it, and it didn't do me a bit of good. I'm tired of listening to people say - diets don't work, you have to make a lifestyle change. I don't want to never eat ice cream or popcorn, or yeasty rolls, or have butter on a baked potato.
My husband makes me feel guilty about the fact that the house isn't perfectly clean, or the fact that I asked my daughter to clean up after herself after she got done making macaroni salad to take with her to a party. "She does a lot around here - more than either of us." I highly dispute that. It makes me realize that he is completely ignorant of what I do.
I feel guilty when I want to buy a new sweater or even what I spend when I go grocery shopping!

I am tired of playing a game that I cannot win, and don't even care to.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Deer Crossing

Deer Crossing
Originally uploaded by CaptPiper
Morning mist with sunlight kissed
gravel roads meandering
grass and weeds with cyrstal beads
Time and me philandering