Saturday, September 16, 2006


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As I begin to fall back into the rhythm of rising early and going to school, I can at least appreciate the approach of fall. The misty mornings, the slanting light, the trees beginning to turn, the glorious goldenrod in the fields - all this color bleeding out of my world with the dead-white approach of winter.
Winter seems so dominate in Michigan, with summer only a pleasant but short interlude. From November 1 to May 1 the trees are stark skeletons against a mostly gray sky.

Enjoy the moment, live in the now, don't think about something that is six weeks away, and about which you can do nothing.


Lynn said...

Great post...good thoughts! I've been wanting to stop and take some pictures of the sun and fog this week but my drive to work is so hilly and curvy that it is difficult to find a safe place to pull over. I'd probably cause and accident;-) Beautiful picture too.

Lynn said...

...cause an accident....I hate it when I leave typos;-)

Belle said...


So true about the weather too.