Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mother and Child

Mother and Child
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For the few of you who read my blog, this photo may give you pause. After all, most of my photos are appropriately seasonal. No. It is not snowing in Michigan.

Yesterday I received a Flickr email from a woman who said she worked for Popular Photography and Imaging magazine and was interested in featuring my snowflake photos on the “My Project” page. She asked would I be interested in working with her on this?
[visualize my jaw hitting the floor]
Popular Photography is probably the foremost photography magazine for serious hobbyists in the nation.
I answered that that sounded like fun.
As soon as I got home from work, I ran upstairs and dug up my August issue of Popular Photography. Sure Enough. This woman is listed as the copy editor and there is a feature called “My Project” that she writes.
The next morning she had already responded to my email, asking if we could schedule an interview soon. I emailed her back giving her the school’s number and telling her that my prep period was about 11:15 to noon, assuming that she would call in the next couple of weeks.
At quarter to noon, she called. I gave up a little of my lunch time to finish the interview, because being interviewed is more fun than eating a salad. I have done probably over a hundred interviews in my brief newspaper career, but this was the first time anyone had ever interviewed me. To say it was a heady experience would be and overstatement, but it was fun.

So anyway, the result is that the December issue of Popular Photography will immortalize my humble, amateurish snowflake captures.

If you would like to see them, go to my flickr site (www.flickr.com/piper) and scroll down the main page. On the right you will see my sets. Click on the “Snowflake Project” set.

Now I have to go calm myself down before God sends me something embarrassing to keep me from getting a big head.

You say, oh come now… God wouldn’t bother with that. Oh, yes, He would.
I’m his kid.


Anonymous said...

...especially considering all of the ones He sent that you that you may have missed. Snowflakes and gifts are like that sometimes, huh?

I can't believe a truly grateful head ever becomes too big. Congratulations on the opportunity to share a new level in something beautiful.

Lynn said...

Congratulations Julie! I am not surprised that they called you though......you definitely have a gift with the camera. Please remind me later to go and buy a copy when it comes out;-) Yes you are His kid, but I agree with "anonymous"....you have such a grateful and humble spirit that I can't imagine your head ever getting too big...Besides, He knows your heart! I think this has come at a good time for you too. Blessings, Lynn

Belle said...

Congratulations on a big one!

You do have an artists eye.