Sunday, July 30, 2006

But It's a Loss to Me

Redwing Pair
Originally uploaded by CaptPiper.
All summer I have been enjoying this field owned by our neighbors. I have watched it grow, going through stages, different wildflowers, coming and going, rabbits, birds, spiders, hoverflies, and bumblebees, sweet smells - I fell in love with it. I began a photo journal of it.
Yesterday, the owner mowed it down. He got himself a new John Deer tractor and wiped all that life out. It's just a field of ugly barren stubble.

I am feeling SO sad - almost grieving for the loss of that place. I know the guy has to mow it eventually, or it will stop being a field and become a young forest - already little ash trees were beginning to root and grow - but I will miss it.
Walking hip deep in wildflowers, even through Queen Anne's lace that was over my head, chickory, clover of the pink, purple, yellow, and white variety, hawkweed, St. John's wort, milkweed, wild aster, goldenrod, and a dozen other wildflowers I don't know the names of; butterflies flying all around me; birds swooping and singing; finding little hidden treasures - no more.


Belle said...


The loss of a wealth of good picture possibilities and nice walks.

I can feel your pain.

Lynn said...

That is sad......he should see your photos.

I felt that way when the farm across the road from us was auctioned off in we have 6 new neighbors.....still some field but it's not the same when I look out my window.

May you find a new world of treasures soon.