Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer Song

Summer Song
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Almost done with the yearbook. A new computer makes all the difference in the world!!

This is the most mosquito infested summer I can remember. Even in the middle of the day in the sun, the mosquitos will find you - and go our on a cloudy day? You don't dare! You will be swarmed and the mosquitos will attempt to take you down. Looking out the window, I even see them hovering around our cat, trying to find a way through her fur, but other than an occasional flick of her ear, she doesn't seem bothered by them. If it would just hold off raining for a while, the swampy areas in the bottom land would dry up, and within two weeks the mosquito population would dwindle.
In the meantime - buy lots of Northwoods Off.

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Lynn said...

We spent a long weekend at P.H. Hoeft State Park near Rogers City (arrived on June 30 and returned home on the 4th). Mosquitos weren't nearly as bad as the deer flys (I think.....I often confuse my biting insects;-) on the beach. We hadn't been up since my youngest was 6 weeks old (she's 8 now). However, we used to camp a lot there at Hoeft and also at Interlochen. Before we began camping we also used to spend some time up in Grand Marais. I definitely love the cooler summer temps! Hope the mosquitos leave soon;-)