Thursday, September 28, 2006

Barn Heaven

Barn Heaven
Originally uploaded by CaptPiper.
This is my world - on some mornings; especially in September.
Warm wet earth meets crisp air. Rural, tranquil, filled with light.
On my way to school, I drive into the sun.
On my way home, I drive into the sun.
Sometime this makes things difficult,
but sometimes the beauty is
almost unbearable
and brings tears
to my eyes.

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Lynn said...

I thought of you on Tuesday as I drove to work (and I had not yet read this post;-) because I experienced the most awesome sunrise....the kind that just gets better and was like you described here and took my breathe away, made my heart sing and want to praise God for such a glorious display. I wondered if you were taking pictures then...I'll have to wait and see. I wish I'd had a camera with me......