Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Autumn Days for Me

Autumn Days
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Diane and I went for a hike on Saturday. It was a beautiful day - a little chilly, but really nothing to complain about. Somewhere along the path I lost my glasses. I think they fell out of my camera bag when I was taking the camera out to take a shot. We went back to look for them, but no luck. I left my name and a description of the lost glasses at the main desk of Hidden Lake Gardens: brown plastic frames, really old eye glasses.
Two days earlier, on Thursday, I had renewed my driver's license. I flunked the without-glasses eye test, so the lady at the secretary of State's office ruthlessly, unhesitatingly, and without an ounce of pity, remorse or guilt about her actions, changed my license from "no restrictions" to "corrective lenses".

So now I can't drive. My sixteen-year-old son is chaffeuring me around like a blind grandmother until my new glasses arrive.

Getting old is hell.

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Lynn said...

Your son must be enjoying that;-) I got a chuckle at that, but realize that I'm not that far behind you!....and I already have that restriction on my driver's license.