Friday, December 08, 2006

Continued Frustration...

There is supposed to be a "Change authorized websites" link from the My Account page.
BUT THERE ISN'T!!!!!!! I can't find a way to authorize the Flickr website.

I've been working on this for well over an hour. Can anyone help me?


Lynn said...

Hi Julie,

I miss your posts here;-) However, I have stopped by your flickr site and saw that you experienced some of the same awesome sunrises that I did! I haven't posted forever...too busy with work, basketball games and Christmas preparations. I wish I could help you with the downloading of your photos here. I have not switched to beta yet so I've no clue. I did get your message about sending my copy of the magazine to you for an autograph;-) Just haven't had time to respond. Hope you have a blessed Christmas with those you love most. Take care!

Scott said...

Hi! Came here through flickr after seeing your comment on one of my pics.

I use the beta blogspot and had no trouble getting the flickr connection. did you try:

Clarisel said...

Hi, have you been able to blog from Flickr yet? I have also been having problems since I changed to the newer version of blogger.

pen the man said...

"Change authorized websites" link, I can't find it too on "My Account" page. But after doing some googling, it supposed to open this URL :