Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Typical March

Typical March
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This sky kind of reminds me of my mind right now; darkly lowering,cold, gray moods with occasional bright shafts of reason.
I have been so depressed lately, yet I realize I really don't have anything seriously wrong in my life to be depressed about. I've know REAL trouble and grief - perhaps even more than my share. This is not it.
Nevertheless, I seem to be indulging in this spiraling morass of self-pity. I feel unappreciated, overlooked, taken-for-granted, and used.
I think I need to take a day off.

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Mama Darlin' said...

Julie, I used to live in Washington state, the extremely rainy-never see sunshine, kind of state. Many people develp SAD. It is basically a seasonal depression because of the lack of UV rays being exposed to an individual. Seeing as this is the end of the winter season, it might be what is making you feel depressed? Just a thought.