Friday, January 20, 2006

Lucy in the Snow with Diamonds

Lucy in the Snow with Diamonds
Originally uploaded by CaptPiper.
It was so frustrating... to get a camera - my dream camera for Christmas, and then have nothing decent to shoot with it.
Days of flat gray.
Featureless clouds.
No shadow, no depth, no color, no nothing...
Then Wednesday morning we woke up to a world in clean white again. The snow clinging to the branches is always a lovely sight, but I had to go to school. Exams. No time to meander or hunt for good composition.
I didn't believe the beauty would stick around until I got home from school. But it did.
It did.

This was taken when it was rather dark. I was shooting on program mode with an ISO 3200. It was dark and very blue, but I color corrected for white and got this; something my old camera was totally incapable of.
I'm sooooo happy.

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Belle said...

Beautiful! As are all of your pictures. Oh, the Michigan weather!