Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Color-Coordinating in Nature

Color-Coordinating in Nature
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The river is doing its February flood thing.
A couple of years ago, a well-meaning group of people (probably democrats) wanted to create a path down by the river, so everyone could walk, run, bicycle, whatever, and enjoy the beauty. We taxpayers owning river front would, of course, be responsible for path up-keep. The residents put up a strong protest, and the township board told the group no.
The lawyer leading the "nature preserve" group wrote the newpaper the next morning calling the folks around here racial bigots and Nazis. He said the reason we didn't want the path is because we didn't want black people in the neighborhood. As if it was connected. (Besides, there are already black people living around here, and everyone I know is just fine with it.) The real reason we didn't want a path by the river is because the bottomland floods every year, usually several times. Trying to keep a path maintained in land that is constantly changing - are you kidding? It would cost thousands of dollars and be a frustrating, endless, thankless task, for which there would be financial penalties if a resident didn't maintain the path and keep it clear of downed trees and branches. Wood chips used on the path would be swept away every spring and at least once during most summers.
Sorry. It's just too much trouble.

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