Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Necklace

The Necklace by CaptPiper
The Necklace, a photo by CaptPiper on Flickr.

While wedding shopping last spring, Emily fell in love with these Nadri earrings we found at Von Maur in Briarwood Mall, but they were very expensive. Eighty bucks for high-end costume jewelry? Not happening. Then I told my sister about the earrings and her friend Dorthy overheard. Dorothy generously gave Emily the money as a shower/wedding gift to buy the earrings.
Emily found a pendant necklace that kind-of matched the earrings on the clearance table (same store, same brand) and bought it. But I found a necklace (pictured) on sale in the display case that matched even better. It was the perfect wedding piece to balance the simplicity of her dress. The regular price for this necklace was $145 and it was on sale for $80. I really wanted to buy it for her, but what with paying for the wedding, even on sale, I couldn't find a way to fit the necklace into my budget. I asked the lady working that counter if the price might go down further. She said it might - that Friday was the day further markdowns happened. I gave her my number and she agreed to call me if the price was reduced. The lady's name was Jan.
Faithfully, Jan called me for the next four weeks. Each week, the necklace was still there, but the price was still the same. I went on vacation out West and still received the calls. Finally, as we were headed back home, she called with the exciting news that the necklace had been lowered to under my price point target! She agreed to hold it for me until I could come pick it up. That night we arrived home, and the next day I drove to the mall and purchased the necklace, just in time for it to be Emily's shower gift. What a great sales lady! If you are ever purchasing jewelery at Von Maur, be sure to ask for Jan!
(Emily gave me her pendant to go with my dress and earrings. Perfect!)

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