Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pie-Making 101 - the dough

Pie-Making 101 - the dough by CaptPiper
Pie-Making 101 - the dough, a photo by CaptPiper on Flickr.

Making an apple pie for Sam's b-day:
Acquire ingredients. Fortunately, Tim went to the store to buy everything. Unfortunately, he forgot the apples. Go to store, buy apples. Get ingredients for crust on counter: can't find the pastry cloth - anywhere. Fortunately, I recently purchased a new one. Unfortunately, it hasn't been washed yet. Wash pastry cloth. First, remove and dry last load of laundry. NOW wash pastry cloth. Start to make crust. The recipe, which is always on the back of the Crisco can, is not on the back of the Crisco can. Can't remember precisely how it goes: go look on the internet.
At last - the pie is put together and in the oven.
Going by the test crust, this could possibly be the tenderest, flakiest, most perfect crust ever! As long as I don't burn it.
For the complete instructions on how to make a pie, go to my Flickr stream and click on the set "Making Pie".

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