Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain on Needles

Rain on Needles
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When I was a youth, my nose was the bain of my existence. I loved my blue eyes and my mouth with full lips and straight teeth, my hair, and my little flat ears, but my nose wrecked it all by being too big and right in the middle of my face. I was a little jealous of my sister's nose, perfectly formed and small. I used to go to sleep at night pinching the end of my nose so it would grow more pointy - would not be so stubby-looking.
I married - a man with an excellent nose - hoping our children would get his feature, not mine. That didn't work.
As time passed it became less of an issue. I accepted myself for who I am. Also, I gained weight, and as my face grew broader, my nose appeared smaller; s'not the best solution.
Now I delight in taking pictures of myself with my nose magnified by the lens. I haven't thought about plastic surgery in years. My husband loves me as I am and all is well with my face. Now I detest these little wrinkles under my eyes.
There is no rest for the vain.

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