Thursday, August 05, 2010

Taking a Break

Taking a Break
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I'm back on my bike this summer. Can't believe the pounds aren't just melting off from the heat and the strain.
I like the back roads, even though they are gravel, because there is not much traffic. You have to be careful of dogs, though. Most of them are scary barkers, but won't hurt you. ONe little spainel near Sheridan Road came streaking towards me, barking like he wanted to tear my leg off. About 20 feet away, he made a wide U-turn and went barking back to the house.
There are a few, though... On Wilbur Road, you can travel from east to west, because you are rolling down hill when you go past the dogs and by the time they realize youu are there, you're almost gone and it's too much trouble to chase you. But if you are traveling the other way - east to west - then you are going up hill and moving slowly - easy prey.

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