Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kayaking Pictured Rocks Nat Lakeshore

Something I always wanted to do was take the kayaking tour of the rocks, so I could get really close. I finally got to do it and discovered - it was too late. I'm too old and weak. I made it, but it about killed me.

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Lynn said...

Hi Julie!

I have not been out here for awhile but got a chuckle about your kayaking adventure. Bob would be jealous. I think our vacations up there were before he had his kayak.....or at least I don't remember him doing any kayaking there.

I miss looking at your photos.

I'm thinking of taking my blog down, or starting over.....something different...since I haven't posted in nearly three years!

Oh, well, need to get busy!

See you out on FB;-)

Lynn Burns