Thursday, May 28, 2009

Robin in the Redbud

Robin in the Redbud
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It's 4:30 in the morning - well, 5:15 now - and I can't sleep.
Instead of thinking about everything I have to do, I'm going to think of twenty-five things that make me happy.

1. waking up on the first day of summer vacation
2. a perfectly grilled rib eye
3. the song of a Robin, Wren, Oriole, or cardinal
4. a really good novel
5. seeing the light go on in a student
6. an unsolicited hug from my son or daughter
7. scuba diving and snorkeling
8. freshly picked corn on the cob in August
9. a root beer float, stirred, not shaken
10. old friends
11. a new camera
12. swimming on a hot day
13. my cat, purring in my lap
14. things that sparkle, as in fresh snow, jewelry, early morning light on dew
15. amazing answers to prayer
16. black sweet cherries
17. bacon, lettuce, and fresh-from-the-garden-tomato sandwiches with Miracle Whip
18. Beethoven
19. double rainbows
20. a package in the mail
21. finding the perfect shirt, jeans, or dress on sale.
22. getting my hair colored and cut
23. family reunions
24. lying in the sun on a catamaran in the Caribbean (See? Not all my tastes are simple)
25. standing in the middle of my lilacs and inhaling

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