Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cow Art

Cow Art 3
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I just got a call from a person with a very heavy accent telling me he represented Walmart Superstores and that I had won 2 gas cards worth a $100 (at least I think that was what he said), and all I had to do was pay the $2.50 P&H when it arrived at my house. The reason is because it was customer appreciation month. After getting my address so he could send it to me, I was handed over to another person with a slightly less heavy accent who started in talking about credit cards. At this point I told them to forget it and I hung up.

It all sounded very fishy. How would Walmart even have my cell phone number?
Sounds like someone is using Walmart's name to try to scam people.

I checked it out on the internet, and sure enough, although there is very little information about it out there, someone else said had it happened to them. The caller tried to "verify their identity" by getting their credit card information.


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