Monday, April 23, 2007

Finch Kisses

Finch kisses
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While recovering from a broken ankle, I spent three weeks at my dear sister's house being tenderly fed and waited on while I healed to the point I could deal with going home, where I would be alone more often and have to deal with stairs.
In the mornings we would sit in her sunroom and drink tea while watching the birds and squirrels come to the feeders. We would talk. I would try to capture photos of the action. It was a pleasant time.
When I was eight, my mother died from cancer. My sister, who was 20 years old and pregnant with her first child, took care of me for a while. Ever after, even when my father remarried, my sister was my mother. She took care of me when I was sick, she had me to her house for Christmas and holidays, she and her husband invited me to move in to their basement the last year of college when I was almost out of money, so I could graduate. We were as close as two people could be. She was my mother. At least psychologically.
This morning my sister went to the hopital to have a meningioma (benign tumor) removed from behind her eye. There were concerns about damaging the arteries and the optic nerves. People all over the world, Catholic and Protestant, were praying for her.
After seven hours of surgery, the doctor informed her family that every thing went well.
I am so grateful!
Thank you, Lord!

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Lynn said...

Those prayers are so wonderful, aren't they? My father died very unexpectedly last Friday (4/20), and he had many friends online and all over. I know those prayers have been carrying me through this entire week. Sorry I have not updated my blog since November. My son posted on my last entry yesterday and said "Update!".....except he spelled it "udate;-)"

My mom fell 3 years ago and suffered a mild brain injury...which left her with poor short term memory, delusional and suffering some paranoia. Her latest bout occurred this past winter....when I stopped writing. It is so very difficult and now with my dad gone I feel like I've lost both.

However, just as you have been blessed by your sister, I've had the support and love of many dear family members and friends. It's good to see you back. Take care.