Sunday, February 04, 2007

Daybreak Through the Trees

Daybreak Through the Trees
Originally uploaded by CaptPiper.
Every morning on my way to work, I get to watch the sun rise. As the year progresses and the days get longer, the sun rises earlier, so eventually it's in my eyes as I drive to school. Finally it's up high enough to where my sun visor functions adequately.
Then we go to "daylight savings time".
Again I go through the process of watching the sun rise until it blinds me.
I hear we are thinking seriously about dropping daylight savings. That means little kids will be walking to school in the dark. Or in the summer that the sun will be rising at 4:30 A.M.
We live in the north.


William said...

Hello. I'm using a flickr photo of yours of a blue-tailed skink on my blog

It's credited and linked. I hope it fits with the CC licence you tagged the photo with.

Hope you're ok with the use.

Lynn said...

Awesome sunrise! We've had two "wind chill" days here, so no school....hence I've missed the sunrises;-)