Thursday, January 25, 2007

Linda's Story

Linda's Story
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Whenever I see these graves with lambs and little angels, I always wonder who this child was - what happened.
This is the grave of my cousin.
She would be my cousin once-removed, or my first cousin's daughter. Linda was the first-born of my grandparent's great-grandchildren, her father the first born of the grandchildren. I was one of the last. So Linda lived and died before I even came along.
I won't dwell on her life much except to say that she was a much-loved child with white blonde hair and she was smiling in her pictures. Linda was three years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. There wasn't much they could do in those days. She contracted pneumonia and the combination of the two illnesses put her in the hospital. Her parents sat by her bedside and waited and prayed, but Linda went into a coma.
As the end drew near, suddenly Linda sat up in bed. She looked past her anxious parents toward the door of her room. She held out her arms and said, clear as a bell, "Jesus!"
Then she fell back in bed. Two hours later she died.

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Lynn said...

What a tragic loss and yet an awesome testimony about God's love (coming right to her to bring her home). It's good to see you back....I can tell by your flicker page that I've missed a lot;-) I hope to get back to blogger mom has not been well and it's been a struggle just to keep up with visiting her, juggling kids schedules, work, etc. Thanks for sharing Linda's story.