Monday, August 22, 2005

Steps at Twelve Mile Beach

Steps at Twelve Mile Beach
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We just returned from our vacation in the upper penninsula. We rented a cabin on Indian Lake near Manistique, and it was fine. But the best day was Tuesday when we drove up to Twelve Mil Beach and went swimming in the huge waves that happened to be in fine form that day.
On Thursday the boys wanted to return to Twelve Mile, since the fishing wasn't that great and Lake Michigan was calm. We warned them that there was no way to know what Lake Superior would be like on any given day. We aren't experienced enough to determine that information from wind direction or velocity given on the weather channel. But they wanted to go for it anyway. So we made the two hour trip north. The Lake was calm. Pefect for snokeling and looking for pretty rocks, which is what I love to do. The boys (and girls) were deflated.
Eventually the stable flies, which love a calm day when the wind is out of the southwest, drove us away with their incessant biting. But before that, I stayed in the water and snorkeled until I was chilled to the bone. Probably close to two hours.

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Lynn said...

Great picture that brings back some great memories! We used to rent a tiny cottage in Grand Marais, MI bk (before kids) for several summers and spent a lot of time along Twelve Mile beach.