Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Tom de Plume, poet extraordinaire wrote this and it captured my attention.
It's about how we just go on with life - buying jewelry and other things that mean nothing. All the accumulation seems like a complete waste when one faces "the Knock", or the knowledge that death is coming and can't be stopped. It seems as if you face it alone because you leave all your loved ones and go on alone into the dark silence.

However, if you have spent this transience of life building a relationship with Jesus, I expect the big step won't be quite so alone. I've seen the people that know Him die. It's much more like going home.

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Carol Flett said...

I agree. It's pointless to waiste this life or its goods when the next one is the real thing. I too have seen people, including my mother, Susie (from "Susie's Story, Based on the true story of a young girl growing up in revolution torn Soviet Russia") who considered "going home" to be the most exciting event of their life.