Sunday, November 21, 2004

Thank you for your compliments. I believe most people don't think about taking pictures as much as I do. It's a passion I've had ever since I was a child. I drive my kids nuts!

Of course, all my photos are not perfect - far from it. You only see the best ones. But I can still offer my opinion of how good photos - sometimes even perfect ones - occur.

When grandpa is sitting in his favorite chair, pipe smoke floating, a lamp backlighting his white hair like a halo, you think, “Wow. This is my grandfather. How many more moments will there be like this? Better preserve it.”
When your son is getting his first haircut at a barbershop, and you like the way the light is reflected by the mirrors and the serious look on his little face, the concentration of the young hairstylist - That’s when you pull our your camera and quickly snatch a few photos to help you re-visit this moment ten or twenty years from now.
When you are on your way home from work and the sun is making shafts of light as it filters through the clouds, and there is a rustic foreground to complete the picture, you take a photo so you can share this joy with someone later.

Good photos result from
A. Always having your camera with you. I can’t tell you how many fabulous photos have passed into oblivion, un-captured, because I didn’t have my camera with me. That’s why I bought an ultra-compact I can carry with me in my purse. I’ve never regretted that purchase.
B. Being in the frame of mind that you THINK about taking pictures when a good opportunity presents itself.
C. Experience in knowing what the camera can do and can't do.
D. A background of composition. I was an art minor in college and the understanding I gradually attained about balance, values, use of color, pattern, etc. has contributed much to my understanding of what is aesthetically pleasing in a photo.
E. Taking lots and lots and lots of photos. I read somewhere that the average professional photographer takes around 120 shots for every ONE that he/she actually uses and gets paid for. I had taken over 400 photos while on vacation this summer, a proliferation made possible by the digital camera.
F. Luck
G. The person looking at the photograph. Some people will have an emotional connection with the subject of a photo, while someone else, looking at the same photo, will feel nothing.

Happy Hunting!

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nodak55 said...

Julie, this is LeAnn. I've been playing at your website for about two hours now. It's been quite an experience. You are an inspiration to me!