Monday, October 25, 2004

Finally - Blue Skies

After ten days of miserable cold wet gray dreary poo-poo weather, today was beautiful. It started out with fog so thick that after I got about a mile down the road, I turned back and spent an hour at home, waiting for the sun to burn some layers off the cloud that lay on the ground.
All day at school I longed to be outside, soaking up some vitamin D. When the day ended, of course there was a teacher meeting that went twenty minutes over for the simple fact that every teacher has an opinion and thinks everyone else needs to hear it.
When I finally pulled in the driveway shortly after six, I grabbed my camera and ran down to the river to catch the last dying rays of sun as it crawled up the tree tops. I was enjoying my hunt for photos when I stepped in a hidden hole next to the river and fell head first down the bank. I expected the next sensation I had to be water up my nose, but I landed head down at a 45 degree angle. My head was about a foot above the water and my feet were in the air. I couldn't find a good hand hold of weeds or sticks to pull myself up, so I just lay there and yelled for help. I had heard the boys' voices in the back yard just before I went down, and they now came running. Sam took my camera, which I had instinctively held out of the water, and then he and David pulled me up. I was unhurt and just a little muddy.
Hamburgers for dinner.

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