Thursday, August 05, 2004

Post vacation thoughts

We're back from vacation.
Tim and I both have a sense of time passing and things changing. Next summer will be our last with both children "ungraduated". They still argue and fight and play together and insult each other, but it's less irritating when you imagine yourself a few years into the future traveling in a quiet car, just you and your husband, your children somewhere else.
We figure vacations are going to get a lot more expensive because we're going to have to come up with really great trips to make them want to come with us when they don't have to.
We went to Cozumel in January and it was great! If we could dig up the money to do that again, they would definitely want to come. But we will also be trying to pay for Emily's college education. Expensive vacations might be out of the question.
We are thinking about Arizona - Grand Canyon - Tim's Aunt and Uncle live out that way and would like us to visit. Then there's a fishing resort an older couple told us about north of Thunder Bay (top side of Lake Superior) on Whitefish Lake. They said the fishing's great there. This would be a draw for Sam, but I don't know if Emily would come.
Meanwhile, time passes.

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