Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sickbed Companion

Sickbed Companion
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Imagine lying in your bed all day, feeling too nauseated to eat, foot too painful to endure, but pain meds making you feel so sick... this is not fun.
There's nothing like suffering to make you appreciate basic body functions, such as walking and pooping.


Lynn said...

Hi Julie,

I am so very sorry to read about your sister's surgeries, etc. I will keep her in prayer, and you too, of course. I'd remembered that you'd said you would be having some more foot surgery and that is why I checked back in....looking out for my mom (she is in assisted living now) takes quite a bit out of me. Yesterday I found out that my blood pressure is higher than usual....I typically have low despite my weight...so I realize that I need to start taking better care of me in order to be there for everyone else. A lesson I guess that we all eventually need to learn at some point.

I miss blogging but have felt so very empty between my mom's illness and my father's death. I did get to take some photos while we vacationed in the Keys last week.

I'm glad you found some quiet country roads to give you some peace. I hope you heal quickly and properly this time around. You have my prayers. Blessings, Lynn

Falk's Creative Outlet said...

Lynn, thanks for coming back. So sorry to hear about your mom and dad, too. I've been there!
My sister is still doing okay.